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"Our Tennisbloc coach connected very well with our children!"

Kelli W.
parent of son, Ryan, age 13

"I recently completed 12 lessons with Coach Lee. After being out of the game for a few years I needed some coaching. Lee was a 1st rate coach. Each lesson was tailored to fit improving different aspects of my game. Not only did I get my technique back but we also worked on adding variety to my game. My serve was consistent but under Lee's coaching, I improved my toss and placement. He was extremely patient in getting me back in form physically and mentally. Having had many lessons and coaches in the past, Lee was by far the one whose style I preferred. After each lesson, we usually worked on playing out points which helped with my strategy in upcoming matches. I would highly recommend Lee for the beginner, intermediate or advanced player!"

Glenn Proto
Research Director for ABC

"It's with great pleasure that I write this professional recommendation of Lee Kincheloe's tennis coaching skills and practice methods with his students. Our son and daughter have been involved directly with his coaching practice methods in both, group setting and one-on-one teaching method of the tennis skills taught individuals to enhance a players game.

Our Son, who is eleven, is now in his third year benefiting from the one-on-one coaching, his improvements in tennis are most evident from watching him practice and engage in match play. His confidence for the game is higher as his skills have come along with each practice. Additionally, our Daughter, who is seven, is back to practicing after a summer break. She has been coached for the past two years. With her recently starting back at practice, I commented on how her hand-eye coordination has gotten noticeably better from before her summer break.

This coach, having been present in our children's practices, both my wife and I can speak of his capabilities of teaching, his excellent communication skills with students; his positive attitude is evident from the minute you engage your student(s) with the first 'Hello', before you all hit the courts. Your practices are all business as they should, but with a sense of light hearted fun; we believe this positive attitude he exudes, combined with his high level of tennis coaching skills is what makes his students succeed in the game of tennis.

As parents, we thank him for his commitment to a sport which for many is a life long enjoyment, and for some, evolves into a professional career.

Best regards,"

Tim Kurmaskie, CEO Architects Kurmaskie & Tolson Associates, Inc.
parent of children ages 11 and 7

"My name is Kay Johnson. My nine year old son takes private tennis lessons from Lee Kincheloe. I adopted my son at the age of two. He was very withdrawn and afraid to try new things. He never enjoyed group sports. He loves taking tennis lessons. I think part of the reason is the rapport that Lee has with his students. He is very dedicated to his profession and is always eager to offer suggestions to improve his students as athletes.

Lee has a very calming, caring demeanor which my son responds to very positively. Lee is always patient with his students and strives to bring out the best in them. My son has had several sport coaches/teachers over the last few years, but Lee is by far the best one he has ever had. I am so grateful that we found Lee as my son's tennis coach. With Lee's coaching, I am hoping that my son will become a professional tennis player and take care of me in my old age!"

Kay Johnson
parent of Bradley, age 9

"My son, Ryan, was only 6 years old and aspiring to learn tennis when we came across Lee Kincheloe at a tennis court. It only took me a few days see extensive growth as Ryan started coaching under Lee. The passion he brought to the tennis court was evident and seen in every lesson. When Ryan played his first match ever, Lee was right there in the audience cheering for his student and it meant a lot to us and to Ryan.

Lee is extremely patient, humble and has a true desire to teach; just a few of the qualities that can be listed of him. Ryan found a solid base for his tennis and now has continued to grow much further, never forgetting coach Lee and his coaching that he received as his foundation. My family joins Lee, in wishing him much more success in life."

Pallavi Garg
parent of Ryan, age 6

"Lee Kincheloe has designed a unique approach to tennis training. He's great at getting to know each tennis players unique and individual style of play, allowing him to customize a specific teaching plan to help the tennis student improve in their game more comfortably and successfully. The final results for the student in the New Era Tennis training approach shows a much more improved and complete tennis player!"

Eddie Thomas
Head Coach/Cary Christian School
Varsity Girls Tennis Team