from humble beginnings

"Growing up, I loved tennis. It was my passion. It gave me a place to put my focus, my joy, my sadness, and all of my heart. But one big problem constantly stood out: how to truly get involved.

Coming from a working class family, we couldn't afford a fancy club, and the few tennis options that were offered were too far away to really integrate. Through all this I constantly thought to myself, there must be a better way.

As years went on, I became a tennis instructor and went on to become the director at a number of small communities. This is where my passion grew even more, and the ah-ha moment finally came- I could play a part in breaking this cycle and bringing the greatest sport on earth to children and adults everywhere.

As I began this journey, I started mapping out all of the industry problems that formed this giant barrier of entry to tennis and set out on a mission to disrupt every aspect of it.

Today, we are implementing technologies that empower organizers and communities everywhere to create meaningful and engaging tennis communities, events and leagues, while also having logistic technologies at their disposal to increase efficiency, retention, management control, and overall player participation.

We are painting a new picture and perception of tennis and have never lost our core goal—to help bring the sport of tennis to everyone that could never experience it before and to build positive and meaningful community in the process."

- Lee Kincheloe, Founder & CEO


We work with a multitude of communities and cities across North Carolina to create positive and meaningful tennis communities directly in the heart of HOA's and city park facilities.

From the moment we wake up, to the last thought before falling asleep, we have one goal: to continually improve the efficiency and infrastructure of the tennis industry. We work constantly to identify industry obstacles; both from a player perspective, as well as a technology pipeline perspective, and stop at nothing to create the perfect solution.

Meet the team that's leading this innovative change

Lee Kincheloe

Founder & CEO
Business Development
Marketing & Brand Strategist

Jackson Bowen

Chief Human Resource Officer
Operations Supervisor

Grant Yentzer

Lead Software Engineer