Tennis Facility Maintenance

Tennis Facility Maintenance

We know that when facilities are well-kept and maintained, participation increases. This is because people take pride in the courts that they play on. We proudly provide basic tennis court maintenance in-season for free for all of our clients.

Our free basic court maintenance services for our clients (during active programs) include:

We are There for the Bigger Jobs Too

HOA's and Parks & Recreation facilities often pay exorbitant prices for power washing and eliminating debris and foliage around courts. But this creates a burden or organizations and we decided to offer a solution. Since each set of courts have unique variables, we charge our clients based on an hourly rate.


Client Rate
(compared to $45-60 from alternative equivalent facility maintenance services).

Non-client Rate

Tennis Facility Services We Offer

Email us at and we will be happy to send you a custom quote.
Quotes are based on the scope of the project, number of courts, and severity of case. Our pricing, on average, is HALF of alternative landscaping service companies.