Tennis Clinics & Programs In Wendell, NC

Tennis Clinics & Programs in Wendell, NC for Juniors and Adults Beginner through Intermediate

Positive and Engaging Tennis Programs in Wendell, NC

Hosted at Wendell Parks and Recreation Park, Tennisbloc offers seasonal tennis programs for juniors and adults of all ages that are both community-centric and engaging. Wendell is a small town with powerful culture and a strong sense of community, which has helped create and foster an equally strong community of tennis players. Our Wendell tennis programs give the opportunity to learn new skills while making new friends - junior players even have the option of playing weekly matches against other local clubs and communities.

Our thriving presence in Wendell is making tennis a more accessible, affordable and inclusive sport by bringing positive & meaningful tennis programs directly to Wendell. With active tennis programs open to both residents and non-residents at, you are sure to find the perfect tennis program fit for you.

Why Tennisbloc?

Passionate & Professional Instructors

Our team of tennis instructors are passionate and community-focused. All coaches undergo background checks & thorough training to ensure a positive and educational experience.

Positive, Engaging and Inclusive

We believe in building a truly positive community that is inclusive, educational and engaging.

Affordable & Convenient

We believe that tennis was meant to be played by everyone and proudly offer tennis that is affordable and easy to access.

What Makes Our Tennis Programs Better?

Positive & Community-Driven Environment

Tennis was never meant to be an exclusive, elitist sport. We foster an inclusive, positive community with a fun and intentional approach.

Professional Curriculum

Incorporating USTA Net Generation lesson plans, we've spent years researching & testing the best development pathways, drills and activities to create lesson plans catered to specific levels of play.

Team Spirit & Matchplay

We believe in making it easy for everyone to plug into matchplay. This gives students a chance to put their skills to the test and play in local, low competition matches to further grow and improve their game.