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Tennis Classes In Knightdale, NC

For Juniors and Adults
Beginner through Intermediate

Positive and Engaging Tennis Classes in Knightdale, NC

Hosted at the beautiful new facility at Harper Park, Tennisbloc offers seasonal tennis programs and classes for juniors and adults of all ages that are fun, healthy, affordable, and engaging. Knightdale is a thriving city with a fast-growing tennis and pickleball community. Our Knightdale tennis programs give the opportunity for new and seasoned players to expand their skills while making new friendships in the process - youth players even team options that allow them to play weekly matches against other local teams and communities.

Our thriving presence in Knightdale is making tennis a more accessible, affordable and inclusive sport by bringing positive & meaningful tennis programs directly to Knightdale. With active tennis programs open to both residents and nonresidents, you are sure to find the perfect tennis program for you and your family.

Why Tennisbloc Programs are Making Such an Impact

Passionate & Professional Instructors

Our instructors are a team of passionate and experienced coaches that truly care about spreading the joy of tennis to others. All instructors undergo thorough background checks and training to ensure a truly positive and educational experience.

Positive & Community-Driven

Tennis was never meant to be an inclusive, elitist sport. Tennisbloc fosters an inclusive, positive community where students can learn with a fun and intentional approach. We want everyone to feel included and empowered to take part in a sport that can change lives for the better through cultivating a community of friends and fun that challenge players to grow and improve their skills (while making a friend or two)!

Professional USTA Net Generation-Infused Curriculum

We've spent years researching and incorporating the best pathways, drills and activities into our lesson plans to create an ideal lesson plan that's catered to each specific group of participants. Most notably, we incorporate much of the USTA Net Generation lesson plans into our own lesson plans, resulting in the latest and most engaging ways of learning new tennis skills.

Team Spirit & the Chance to Compete in Matchplay

We believe not only in making it easy for everyone to easily get plugged into tennis and learn, but we also provide the opportunity for juniors to participate in Junior Team Tennis, the official USTA junior competition league, which is offered in the spring, summer and fall. This gives students a chance to put their skills to the test and play in local, low competition matches to further grow and improve their game.

About Our Programs

Below you will find a brief description of each of our clinic types and how we categorize our divisions.

Junior Programs

8 & under

Our 8 and under tennis programs create a fun and exciting approach to kids as they are introduced to the sport of tennis and its fundamentals. We equip our courts with premium, USTA official 36 foot junior court nets and red dot tennis balls.

10 & under

Our 10 and under tennis programs focus on fundamentals of form and point structure, while incorporating fun activities to inspire excitement for tennis. We utilize USTA official 60 foot courts and orange dot tennis balls.

12 & under

Our 12 and under tennis program brings juniors to the full court and begin to improve foot work and rallies. We utilize the USTA official green do junior tennis balls, keeping tennis weight and bounce slightly under that of the standard adult tennis ball.

14 & under

In our 14 and under tennis programs, we introduce an excellent approach to the fundamentals of match play and in-game strategy. We have developed an incredible method for getting junior players excited about rallies and applying the fundamentals of tennis using learned strategy.

16 & under

In our 16 and under tennis programs, we introduce an excellent approach to the fundamentals of match play and in-game strategy. We have developed an incredible method of getting junior players excited about strategy and applying the fundamentals of tennis.

18 & under

Our 18 and under tennis focuses on applying fundamentals and structures to the strategy aspect and mental side of tennis. This program helps players develop long rallies and spark some competition junior participants.

Adult Programs

Beginner (2.5) Tennis Program

Our adult beginner tennis program brings a professional and educational approach to learning the fundamentals of tennis. Participants will learn the fundamentals of grips, stroke structure, point systems, and rallies.

Intermediate (3.0) Tennis Program

Our adult intermediate tennis program brings a renovated approach to getting adults more active on the court and more involved in point development.

Advanced Intermediate (3.5) Tennis Program

Our adult advanced tennis program brings emphasis to point strategy and the fundamentals of mental focus in points. We also emphasize point development and longer rallies.

Advanced (4.0) Tennis Program

Our adult advanced tennis programs bring experienced players to a new level of their game. This clinic involves conditioning and consistency development with a deeper reach into the mental side of tennis.

Cardio Tennis Program

Our adult cardio tennis programs are perfect for health-conscious people. Average participants burn 400-600 calories per hour. Allows 8-12 people/court at a time.

Senior Tennis Program

Our senior tennis programs focus on anyone the slightly more aged communities and have an emphasis on consistent rallies and low-demand activities focused on health and motion.


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