Match Play Information

We are so glad that you want your athlete to participate on our teams this season! We have found that it is in the best interest of everyone involved to place formal expectations on being a team member.

Junior Team Tennis Introduction

At Tennisbloc, we combine team players from all the communities we manage to create teams that participate in the United States Tennis Association's Junior Team Tennis League (JTT). The league is managed by local league coordinators. For example, in the city of Raleigh, Raleigh's parks and recreation department runs the local JTT league. Use the links below to view the appropriate official league page where the league coordinators post upcoming season information:


How Teams are Created

Historically, having an insufficient number of team participants has led to communities being excluded from match play. Tennisbloc has solved this for players across NC; instead of closing down teams, leading to students missing out on the opportunity to participate in junior team tennis, we proudly combine players of nearby communities to ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity to participate on a team.

When players are combined, they will still practice at their original location. So while teammates do not necessarily always practice together, they will see each other every week for match play. This also means the instructor they practice may not necessarily be the same instructor they will have as their match coach. Most important, we are proud of the fact that this provides the opportunity of matchplay to communities that otherwise may not have enough team registrants to field a team themselves.

Season Matches

Junior Team Tennis is a league in which students play competitive matches against other teams in their division (ex: 8 and under Beginner is a Junior Team Tennis division), allowing students to play matches against other students with a similar age and skill from other local clubs and communities. There are approximately 7 matches throughout the season (occasionally there is a BYE, in which we skip a week). It is critical to commit to have your athlete participate in the majority of matches. We ask that players participate in at least 50% of their scheduled Matches.

USTA Membership Requirement

All participants must obtain a USTA ID # prior to joining a team. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the governing body of tennis in the US and powers the majority of leagues, including Junior Team Tennis. USTA membership is only $20/year. This also allows students to participate in local USTA tournaments to develop a state, sectional and even national ranking. In 2018, the USTA is offering FREE membership to students age 10 and under. To obtain a USTA membership, click here.

End of Season Tournament

The tournament is one of the biggest and most fun aspects of match play. We strongly encourage you to try your best to be available for the tournaments, as the playoffs are based on performance, and in some leagues, when won, excel those teams onto statewide and even nationwide playoffs—so please try your best to attend!

Communicating Your Athlete's Availability for Matches Using Our Website

Tennisbloc has made it easy for parents to communicate their athlete’s availability to their coaches using our website. We make it easy to fill out your athlete's availability for the season even before the first match. There will be instructions sent on how to do this. This will let the coach know who to include in the lineups for the season.

Weekly Lineups

Lineups are set by the coaches one week prior to each match. Lineups are set using the player availability that you set up at the beginning of the season. An automated email will be sent to you informing you each week when the lineup has been published where you can easily confirm your attendance from your email and see where and when the match be.

End of Season Award Ceremony

We celebrate our players with a fun end-of-season event, where the coaches present 3 special awards to 3 players on the team: the MVP, Most-Improved, and Coaches Award. It is a potluck and an excellent way to end the season!